Schorer Products for Therapist and Patient

Schorer Products

for Therapist and Patient

Massager Wahl Deluxe Heat

Preis: 65,00 €
Enthaltene MwSt: 10,38 €
zzgl. Versand
Produktgewicht: 1.9 kg

Hot Cold Therapy Massager is a corded massager with variable intensity for light or intense massage.
Comes complete with 5 attachment heads plus a heat and cold attachment.
All packaged in a deluxe soft zippered storage case.

Mode: corded
Waight: 1,21 Kg
Size : 280 x 90 x 167mm


The device have interchangeable attachments and thus more flexible use than you were previously accustomed .
The supplied essays can both selectively treat points, as well as by the back treatment.

Also a flexible dual attachment, allowing you to treat both Spine simultaneously.

Schorer Products
for Therapist and Patient

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