Schorer Products for Therapist and Patient

Schorer Products

for Therapist and Patient

Empty case for up to 170 vials with 2 plastic inserts, without Vials

Maße - Size - Gabarit
Sales price 75,00 €
Tax amount 11,97 €
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Product Weight: 0.65 kg

» Two supports, each capable for 85 phials.
» Stowable and individually removable supports.
» Solid supports allowing perfect and clearly
   access for fast and effective working.
» Trial phials are easy to remove and to be put back
   by the use of one hand.
» Every label is well readable.
» Contact of phials underneath each other not feasible.
» Drop out of phials at intended use not possible.
» Neutrally, absolutely odourless and extremely
   break-proof plastic.

Patentnumber: DE102007049127B4

Schorer Products
for Therapist and Patient

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